Glass care


  • Riedel® glasses are dishwasher safe! Riedel® exclusively recommends Miele®.
  • To avoid scratches, direct contact with other glass or metal should be avoided. If available: Use a glass rail.
  • To avoid stains, use soft water (low mineral content).
  • To remove stains, use white vinegar.
  • The glasses are tested to a rinsing temperature of 70°. This corresponds to the normal temperature of a household dishwasher. Gastronomy dishwashers must be set to this temperature.

If you clean the glasses by hand,

  • wash the glass under warm water (usecleaning agent and rinse the glass thoroughly)
  • Glass polish: Use two cloths, never hold the glass against the base plate,um den Kelch zu polieren!
  • Stem breakage: only caused by incorrect handling = pressure, turningor bending of the stem.
  • Storage: Never store the glass in a refrigerator, as any flavours of food or food in the glass may transfer to the glass.


  • Boil them with odourless soap (to kill bacteria).
  • Never use fabric softener when rinsing your dishtowels (to avoid a greasy film on the surface).
Merandi glasses in the dishwasher
Merandi glasses in the dishwasher