Water glass / Whisky tumbler set of 2, Arela

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Arela, whisky tumbler and water glass of our series “Rothen”. We have refined this glass with about 133 Swarovski® crystals. Ideal for water and high-proof. The Tumbler for Whisky, Rum and Gin Tonic is also the perfect companion as a water glass for coffee. 2 pieces in a gift box Unit price CHF 79.00 (incl. VAT) Shipping costs CHF 15.00 up to an order value of CHF 200.00, free of charge for orders above this value. Delivery time approx. 3-5 working days.

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MERANDI is the only company in the world that refines perfect glasses made by Riedel® with sparkling Swarovski® crystals, thus combining two brands rich in tradition – Riedel® with its almost 270 years of history in the development and production of the finest glass creations and Swarovski®, which has been the epitome of fine cut glass for more than 120 years.
MERANDI is committed to the highest quality standards and creates unique products for moments of pleasure with special brilliance.

Additional information


Number of Swarovski® crystals approx. 133 pieces


Water, mineral water, fruit juice, iced tea, Whiskey, rum, gin, gin and tonic

Ideal for:

The cultivated enjoyment of coffee, whisky, rum or refreshing gin and tonic

Height / Capacity:

Height: 80 mm
Capacity: 330 ml


Premium Riedel® Glasses
Crystals from Swarovski®
Crystal glass
high-precision bonding
RoHS & REACH compliant adhesive (lead free)
100% made in Europa


For orders which are above the usual household quantities, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. Please write us your wishes in the contact form (or e-mail). We are always anxious to answer you as soon as possible.
Profit from our quantity discounts!


2 glasses per gift box


Free delivery from an order value of CHF 200.00

Glass care:

Dishwasher-safe up to 70° (for catering machines, set the temperature accordingly). Further information on the GLASS CARE page.

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