Modern, masterfully manufactured and with a touch of glamour

For over 120 years, the name Swarovski® has stood for inventiveness, poetry and technical know-how. Its passion for perfection and constant innovation makes the company the world’s leading brand for cut crystal, synthetic and genuine gemstones, and further refined products.

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski moved with his family to Wattens to establish the now world-famous Swarovski® company. The remote Tyrolean village had two decisive advantages: On the one hand, Daniel Swarovski was able to protect his invention from the curious eyes of his competitors here, and on the other hand, the abundant water power provided him with the electricity he needed. The new Swarovski® crystals, then known as “Pierres Taillées du Tyrol”, changed the industry forever. Such brilliance, transparency and purity had never been known before. Swarovski® soon worked closely with the big names of the Paris fashion scene such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, who liked to visit the small Austrian company frequently. Thus began a long history of intensive creative collaboration with the fashion world, which continues today.

Vision for the future

The founder, Daniel Swarovski, was always striving to improve the good. In this sense, the vision and long-term perspective for the Crystal Division is to further expand its global market leadership in the manufacture of precision-cut crystals and further refined products, as well as its strong position in the jewelry industry.

Design and Sustainability

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