Red wine glass Burgundy, Shira

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Shira, Burgundy glass from our “Sonea Black” series We have refined this mouth-blown glass with about 352 Swarovski® crystals. The crystals underline the elegant shape of this red wine glass. The noble elegance of the product together with your Pinot Noir create the perfect pleasure experience. The bouquet can fully unfold in the large goblet. The discreetly convex edge of the glass maximizes the fruity notes.

The glass is produced as a custom-made product on behalf of the customer and therefore usually has a delivery time of about 2 – 4 months!

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Merandi Sonea Black glasses and decanters are easily recognizable by the black stem for red wine glasses or the black base plate for white wine glasses. This Sommelier glass series combines exclusive elegance, glamour and perfect function for wine enjoyment. The elegant red wine glass is indispensable for enjoying a special Pinot Noir.

MERANDI is the only company in the world to refine perfect glasses made by Riedel® with sparkling Swarovski® crystals, thus uniting two brands rich in tradition – Riedel® with its almost 270 years of history in the development and production of the finest glass creations and Swarovski®, which has been the epitome of fine cutting for more than 120 years.

MERANDI is committed to the highest quality standards and creates unique products for moments of pleasure with special brilliance.

The company Riedel® writes about this glass on their homepage among other things:

“The voluminous goblet allows the bouquet to unfold completely. The slightly convex rim of the mouth maximizes the fruity notes by directing the wine flow to the front palate. The glasses in the Sommeliers series are the world’s first vine-specific wine glasses and make every sip a taste experience.”

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Number of Swarovski® crystals approx. 352 pieces

Wine varieties:

Franciacorta, Musigny, Pinot Noir old world, Blanc de Noirs, Pinot Noir new world, Vosne-Romanée

Ideal for:

Best Burgundy enjoyment at romantic dinners, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, gala dinners, business meetings and the enjoyment of a Pinot Noir.

Height / Capacity:

Height: 276 mm
Capacity: 1050 ml


Mouth blown Riedel® glass, handmade
Material: crystal glass
Crystals from Swarovski®
high-precision bonding
RoHS & REACH compliant adhesive (lead free)
100% made in Europe


These unique mouth-blown glasses are only produced on request.
Therefore these glasses usually have a delivery time of 2-4 months.
Please consider this when buying!


1 glasses per gift box


Free delivery

Glass care:

Dishwasher-safe up to 70° (for catering machines, set the temperature accordingly). Further information on the GLASS CARE page.