Riedel® “The Wine Glass Company”

In 1946 the modern age began for the company Riedel® . Claus J. Riedel, the ninth generation of the Bohemian glassmaking family, escaped the prison train on its journey over the Brenner Pass. A dramatic turnaround for him and the family business.

Supported by the Tyrolean glass industrialist Swarovski, who knew the Riedel family from Bohemia, Claus Riedel, together with his father Walter, who had just returned from Russian captivity, managed to take over the bankrupt „Tiroler Glashütte“ in 1956. Claus established himself as a designer in the following years and won numerous prizes for his creations. In 1973, he finally created the groundbreaking innovation whose discovery would once again put the name Riedel® at the top of the world rankings in connection with glass: The first wine-friendly, handmade and mouth-blown glasses. Today they are world-famous under the name Sommeliers. In 1986, his son Georg J. Riedel presented another innovation: the first machine glass series in history to be geared to grape varieties -Vinum!

With Vinum, Riedel® has succeeded in making the company’s philosophy of the functional wine glass affordable and thus known worldwide. Vinum became the best-selling glass series of all time!

In 2004 Riedel® presented the glass series “O” – a functional glass without stem, developed by Maximilian J. Riedel, the eleventh generation of the Riedel family to head the company since July 2013.

In 2004 Riedel® also took over the German glass group F.X. Nachtmann with the brands Nachtmann® and Spiegelau® . This laid the foundation for further growth. Today Riedel® has an export rate of 97% and is considered the absolute world leader in the production of functional glass.

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