Merandi Switzerland

MERANDI combines the two world brands Riedel® and Swarovski® in its products. The traditional glass handicraft of Riedel® is exclusively refined with Swarovski® crystals. This guarantees you exceptional moments of enjoyment with special brilliance!

Merandi photo shoot, 2017, Söll, red wine glass, amber
Laria glass series, Merandi Switzerland, Spiegelau® glasses refined with Swarovski® crystals
Laria glass series, Merandi Switzerland, Spiegelau® glasses
Glass series Rothen, Merandi Switzerland, Riedel® glasses refined with Swarovski® crystals
Glass series Rothen, Merandi Switzerland, Riedel® glasses
Decanter by Riedel® enhanced with 260 Swarovski® crystals, Luana
Decanter – Riedel® Spiegelau®
Glass packages
Glass packages

Riedel® glass, since 1756 – committed to the craftsmanship.
Swarovski®, since 1895 – modern, masterfully manufactured.

A new idea that connects two of Austria’s best known and most traditional families can only be promising itself. Riedel® glasses in best design with a sparkling refinement of Swarovski® crystals – for moments of pleasure with special brilliance. MERANDI’s cooperation with Riedel® glass began in 2016. The precious glasses from Riedel® are exclusively refined with Swarovski® crystals only by Merandi.


The moving company and family stories of Swarovski® and Riedel® go back a long way. Time and again they have met and supported each other in the matter of “glass”. Cut crystals on the one hand, hand-made mouth-blown glasses on the other – to turn this into a new, joint project, the idea of a young Tyrolean company. With a lot of commitment and a special bond to both companies, MERANDI has united with its glass series what fits together perfectly. MERANDI has created a monument to the two defining greats of the Austrian glass industry with refined champagne, wine, water and liqueur glasses. MERANDI can benefit from the many years of experience and the high quality standards of both partners.


From Hong Kong to New York – Swarovski® and Riedel® are nationally and internationally regarded as the epitome of fine cut and noble glass creations of the highest quality. Of course, this is also reflected in MERANDIS innovative glass series, which now inspire people all over the world from Tyrol.

MERANDI Switzerland

The management consultant and fine spirits sommelier Gerhard Vylet discovered Merandi’s elegant glasses during a holiday in Tyrol in 2019 and was immediately enthusiastic about them. He decided to take over the exclusive distribution for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This means that these exquisite “glass works of art” can also be purchased in Switzerland and Liechtenstein from 2020. The Merandi Switzerland team is pleased to be able to offer the exquisite range of refined glasses to friends of sophisticated table and bar culture.

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All Merandi glasses are on display at the Bachlechner Art Gallery in Bergdietikon.
Visit the Bachlechner Gallery. Enjoy the works of art in the current exhibition during a no-obligation tour.
Convince yourself of the stylish brilliance of our glasses in the artistic ambience.

For deliveries outside of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we will be happy to help you forward your requests to the responsible sales partner.